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Granderson Des Rochers, LLP ("GDR") is one of the most diverse entertainment law firms, with offices in Beverly Hills and New York. The firm specializes in negotiating, structuring and executing transactions on behalf of its clients in the music, film, and television industries, including music publishing, live event, fashion, endorsement, sponsorship, podcast, and digital media deals. GDR's core commitment is ensuring that its clients’ intellectual property is protected and that they are empowered with strategic advice to accomplish their artistic, professional, and entrepreneurial objectives. With this guiding principle, GDR has contributed to some of the most culturally significant and successful deals in the entertainment and media industries.


GDR's client roster consists of a wide range of top-tier talent in entertainment, including

Recording artists,









Fortune 500 executives,

Fashion brands,


Traditional & digital media companies

Guided by our “one firm” philosophy, GDR attorneys utilize a dynamic and collaborative approach to providing clients with cutting edge results. GDR is steadfastly committed to fostering gender, ethnic, and sexual orientation diversity in the workplace and contributing towards the upliftment of the communities we serve. This commitment is reflected in the profile of our workforce: a diverse, dynamic and dedicated community of attorneys and staff who bring their varied world views, perspectives and life experiences to bear for the benefit of our equally diverse client roster.



The Firm is privileged to work with the most groundbreaking recording artists, songwriters, and record labels in the music business. GDR’s music practice is focused on providing unparalleled counsel to its clients on all matters related to dealmaking, music publishing, production, content strategy, entrepreneurship, talent brand development, licensing, and intellectual property. The Firm also devotes a considerable portion of its practice to the representation of innovative and music-based live streaming platforms, gaming companies, fitness companies, and social media companies.

In addition to music, GDR represents a wide range of dynamic and award-winning performers, writers, directors, producers, and production companies working across film, television, and new media. The Firm’s attorneys have been at the forefront of numerous high-profile transactions on behalf of both individual and corporate clients, handle complex production and financing matters in relation to motion picture and television projects, and have served as production counsel for various independent films. GDR also frequently handles film and television projects on behalf of art world and music industry luminaries.

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